Diamond set – sea pearls, white gold


18K white gold
Weight 5.25g
Southern sea pearls 8.5mm (3.35in)
Diamonds: 0.22ct (22pcs)

18K white gold
Weight: 1.85g
Pearls of the Southern seas 9.5mm (3.74in)
Diamonds: 0.1ct (10pcs)

18K white gold
Length: 48cm (18.9in)
Weigth: 6.55g


Sea pearls is a pledge of loyalty in love, protection of fidelity. It strengthens the marriage bonds and brings love to Your home.

The energy of diamonds protects from bad influence and bewitching forces. Diamonds protect its wearer bestowing good luck, health, love and success

Also available to order in colors of your choice. Approximate time for production – 30 days.

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